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Isabella & Iryna

Iryna and Isabella kicked off this podcast because, let's face it, the world's got enough divides! Why not bridge the gap with some good ol' stories? After all, who doesn't love a tale that brings us together?

Fun fact: Iryna hopped over from Ukraine to become Isabella's live-in nanny (or as the fancy folks say, 'Au pair') when Bella was just a wee 6-year-old. Fast forward to now, and they're practically sisters! A Jew and a Ukrainian hosting a podcast? Talk about a dynamic duo!

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"Moments That Define Us" podcast spill the tea on real-life topics with your everyday Joes and Janes! And just for kicks, we've sprinkled in a dash of our Ukrainian-Jew sass. Because why not?! ;)

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Season 1...

waving flag of Ukraine

episode 1

Real Stories from Ukraine

Welcome to our very first episode. Today, our co host Iryna tell us about growing up in Ukraine. She shares stories from her childhood and her perspective on the war in Ukraine.

episode 2

The Reality of Social Media Filters

In today's episode we discuss our differences on social media filters use, astonishing research and how filters can impact our everyday life We leave our listeners with some advice that help us navigate the world of social media filters.

episode 3

Breaking the Stigma:

Embracing the Menstrual Journey

In this episode we talk about embracing our menstrual journey. We share stories on birth control, lack of education on period and birth control we got at school and share some important research. We referenced the following books in our episode: Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods by Lara Briden Nd Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being by Aviva Romm M.D.

episode 4

Navigating the World featuring: Roy Lee Barnett Jr.

In today episode we are talking to an amazing human, creator, educator, father and husband Roy Lee Barnett Jr. He talks to us about his experiences traveling the world, the state of education today and what it means for him to be creative. Roy also talks about the difference between north of the US and the south when it comes to racism and and some of his experiences with the police. There is also a love story of how he met his Ukrainian wife and what he experienced when he went to visit Ukraine. Roy is an amazing artist, he is a photographer and videographer. You can check out his website and follow him on social media @royleebphoto

episode 5

I am Kenough

In todays episode we are diving in the world of Barbie and Ken and discussing topics the movies brought up. Our guests today are two hunky men, Spencer and Alek who gave us a very interesting perspective on what feminist means to them, what it means to be a real man in today's society and issues this movies showed them that they didn't see before. We also feature reviews from two very talented artists, Cristina Del Hoyo and Ingrid Dee Magidson.

You can check out Cristina art on her website and Ingrid's website is

episode 6

Bella’s defining moments

In today's episode our co host Isabella is sitting in the interviewee chair. We are diving deep into her story and exploring some of her defining moments in life. She tells us what it was like to grow next to one of the richest ski resorts in America and why moving away was the right choice. Isabella talks about her travelling experiences and what she learned by going to Africa (a couple of times) about herself and the world. Isabella speaks so highly of her parents who are both artists and how they influenced her and helped her shape who she is today! #momentsthatdefineus #whatsyourdefiningmoment

episode 7

"There is such power in being vulnerable"- Sara's defining moments and her road to sobriety, part1

In today episode we are talking to a brilliant human being Sara Osteboe. She is opening up to us about her childhood, what moving 19 times does to a kid and the advice her grandpa gave she still uses till this day. Big part of our conversation is her road to sobriety and what does being sober means to her. This is part 1 of Sara's story and her defining moments. Part 2 is coming next week!

episode 8

There is such power in being vulnerable-Sara's journey as an EMT part 2

This is the second part of 2 parts episode with the amazing Sara Osteboe. In today's episode Sara talks about her journey as an EMT , why it is important to have trained mental health professionals on an ambulance, her dream job and so much more. Enjoy more defining moments from this beautiful human!

episode 9

Being Open-Minded in Today's Society, featuring Andrew Scott

In today's episode we have Andrew Scott who is the founder of The Open Mind Project, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that was founded on the principle that science and spirituality can be complementary. We talk about everything from religion , politics , science and everything in between. Andrew is a fascinating person who has travelled the world with his non profit. He tell us about growing up in a family where he saw divide, what led him to start his non profit and his defining moments that shape who he is today! If you want to learn more about his non profit , please visit , where you can also donate if you choose to do so. Open Mind Project is also partnered with Healing Arts that was established by CULTURUNNERS and the WHO’s Arts & Health Program in 2020, under the auspices of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary Programme (UN75), as a cultural call to action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on societal mental health.

episode 10

"Are You OK", featuring crisis specialist Erik Jacobsen

Today's episode is a powerful one! We sat down with Erik Jacobsen, who is a crisis specialist at Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners . Erik spoke to us about suicide prevention and how to help someone who comes to you and letting you know they are not doing well. He also shared his experience answering crisis line during COVID and how the conversation about mental health has changed post pandemic. Erik has an abundance of knowledge about mental health and we are so grateful he shared some of it with us and our listeners

episode 11

Love and Art, featuring Ingrid Dee Magidson and Jay Magidson

Today's episode is a feel good one! We had a privilege to sit down with a world famous artist Ingrid Dee Magidson and her husband, writer Jay Magidson. They told us how they met and fall in love, what influence art has had in their lives, their struggles and successes being artists and so much more. Jay and Ingrid compliment each other in the best way possible, not only as a couple but the way they create art. Both of them have a very good sense of humor so there was a lot of laughter as well and as we know, laughter is the best medicine. Enjoy! To learn more about Ingrid Dee Magidson and to check out her work, visit You can also follow Ingrid on social media at @ingridmagidsonartist To learn more about Jay Magidson and to check out his work, visit Jay is an incredible writer, you can purchase Jay's books here:

episode 12

"The gym was perfect for the situation I was in", featuring Matthew Von Sprecken

In today's episode we sit down with an online fitness coach and owner of MATTVSTRAINING, LLC Matthew Von Sprecken. He talked to us about about growing up and his complicated relationship with his mother and how being raised by a single dad shaped him into who he is today. Matt opened up about losing his brother and how gym, fitness and working out helps him deal with the grief and get mentally better every day. Matt talked about why it is important to be consistent to see results not only in the gym but anywhere in life. This episode is about beautiful siblings relationship and how to put bad energy into something good.

Season 2...

episode 1

"It's bigger than just us"

In this episode, Iryna and Bella take a look back at season's one defining moments, while taking a look ahead at season 2. There is so much in store for season 2. Amazing men and women will share their stories and defining moments. There is nothing better than a good , meaningful conversation with people who are changing our world to be a better place. So buckle up, this is going to be an amazing season!

episode 2

"Just Go After It"- life of an artist, featuring Ingrid Dee Magidson and Sybil Carter Hill

In today's episode we sit down with brilliant artists Ingrid Dee Magidson and Sybil Carter Hill to talk about their defining moments of becoming an artist. Ingrid and Sybil also happen to be twins so there are a lot of funny "twin" stories. They take us down memory lane and talk about what it was like growing up with very artistic parent , honoring their late father and the impact he had on their lives. This episode is definitely a feel good one that will make you cry and laugh all at the same time.

To check out Ingrid and Sybil's work , learn more about their stories and purchase their art, please visit their website at

episode 3

Gaza, love beyond conflict

In today's episodes we sit down with Ariel Magidson, the owner of Ariel Arts and her husband Hammam Elkhoudary. Ariel is an American Jewish woman and Hamamam is from Palestine. They talked to us about their story of how they met and fell in love. Hammam spoke about growing up in Palestine, history of his country and what's happening in Palestine today. Ariel talked to us about growing up Jewish in US and her trip to Israel and how it challenged everything she learned and knew about Judaism. Both Ariel and Hammam discussed their views on current situation in Gaza and why its important to keep raising awareness on current events in Palestine. This was such an important conversation to have. Ariel is an interior designer and Palestinian culture has a big influence on her work. You can check out her website at

episode 4

Emails Can Wait, You Cant-how to manage corporate burnout, featuring Jamie McCollough

In today's episode we sat down with founder and owner of Kiwe Collective Jamie McCollough to discuss corporate burnout and how to manage it. Jamie shared with us quite an inspiring story of how you can love your job and the work you do but still burnout. Answering emails after hours, not eating lunch, not even drinking water because you know you don't have time to go to the bathroom, trying your absolute best but still not being recognized, these are just a few things Jamie shares in this episode. She also shared with us a defining moment, a decision she had to make an age 11 that changed the trajectory of her life. Now Jamie is the founder and owner of Kiwe Collective, she is a wellbeing consultant who helps individuals, teams and companies create wellbeing strategies and experiences. To learn more about Jamie's company and the work she does, please visit her website at

episode 5

Consumerism culture and the effects on our finances, featuring Katye Edwards

In today's episode we sit down with Katye Edwards, the founder and owner of Guided Revision, LLC to talk about consumerism and the effects on our finances. Katye has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry and her wealth of knowledge is incredible. Today's episode will make you think not only how you spend your money, but what you spend it on. We dive deep in the culture of spending and unchecked consumerism. Katye also talked to us about being laid off , knowing in her heart that she wont go back to the corporate America again, and taking all her knowledge and starting her company Guided Revision, LLC. Make sure you listen to the end, because Katye shared 3 defining moments that make her who she is today and let me tell you, those moments are soul warming, beautiful and funny. #whatsyourdefiningmoment #newepisode #consumerism #financialeducation #uncheckedconsumerism #guidedrevision #money #smartspending #savingmoney

episode 6

Rest Is Resistance, featuring Lisa Sullivan

In today episode we sat down with Lisa Sullivan, who is an incredible human, business owner, a mother , a daughter , a sister and so much more. Lisa spoke to us about being raised in a household with an immigrant father and an American mother and how that environment shaped her who she is today! Lisa has a lot of experience in the non profit world and she opened up to us about racial inequality and burnout she experienced that led her to leave her last job and started her own business LS Ventures. Lisa talked about white saviorism in the non profit sector, especially on the money giving side. This conversation was open, uncomfortable, vulnerable and necessary. This episode will make you think. We recorded this episode in November of 2023 and in January of 2024 Lisa's mom Miss Lee passed away. This episode is dedicated to Miss Lee. May You Rest In Pease.

#whatsyourdefiningmoment #newepisode #whitesaviorism #nonprofitworld #businessowner

episode 7

Behind the mic with bella & Iryna-deep questions from chatgpt aka gloria

We are launching "Behind the mic with Bella and Iryna." In these types of episodes , we wont have guests, just our hosts discussing hot topics, things that are going on in their lives and around the world. Our mission is to build community around Moments That Define Us Podcast for people to have a safe space to be vulnerable and to share their stories. Today's episode is a fun one. Our hosts Iryna and Bella answered very serious questions from ChatGPT. Get to know our hosts on a deeper level and find out who is Gloria.....Get ready to find out what Iryna and Bella's deepest , darkest secrets are and their true opinion on ChatGPT . #whatsyourdefiningmoment #behindthemicwithbellaandiryna #momentsthatdefineuspodcast #buildingcommunity

episode 8

Mental Health & the Benefits of Therapy, featuring Stephanie Tatum part 1

Today's episode is all about mental health and how to take care of it. We had an incredible conversation with the licensed therapist and founder of Still I Rise Counseling Services Stephanie Tatum. Stephanie shared with us her her story and some of her defining moment. We dive deep into why therapy is important and necessary for one's mental well being. Stephanie's also gave advice on how to pick the right therapist. We also spoke about cultural differences when it comer to therapy, especially in black and brown communities and stigma around therapy. This episode is very educational.

Check out Stephanie's website at

#whatsyourdefiningmoment #momentsthatdefineuspodcast #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #therapy #healing #therapyandstigma

episode 9

Grief and Loss, featuringStephanie Tatum, part 2

This is part 2 with Stephanie Tatum from Still I Rise Counseling Services. In this episode Stephanie dive into grief and loss, what is acceptable and unacceptable in our society when it comes to grief. She talks about education around grief and loss, how to be there for people that are grieving and what happens when we have unresolved grief. Stephanie also provides different resources for people that are going through grief. This episode a little heavy but needed for all of us.

Check out Stephanie's website to learn more about her and services she provides

#mentalhealthmatters #grief #loss #theraphy #whatsyourdefiningmoment #momentsthatdefineuspodcast

episode 10

We Are All Connected, featuring the CEO of Judi's House Micki Burns part 1

Another incredible human that we had a chance to sit down for a deep and meaningful conversation. On today's episode we have Micki Burns, the CEO of Judi's House. "Judi’s House is a community-based nonprofit bereavement center for children and families with the vision that no child should be alone in grief."

Micki has such a beautiful presence about her and having her on our podcast was an honor. This is part 1 of two parts episode. In part one Micki dives into her story, losses she experienced early in life and some of her defining moments and how she decided to do the work she does now. Sometimes it can be hard to talk about death, bereavement and loosing someone we love. In this conversation, Micki normalizes talking about hard thing and provides wonderful recourses that people can get at Judi's House.

This episode will provide you with understanding of bereavement, grief and loss and services you can get at Judi's House. To learn more about Judi's House, please visit their website at